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‘Kamea’ LTD is found in 1990 and in 2003 continues its activity as ‘Kamea-M’ LTD. Its main activity is manufacturing, processing and export of cultivated and landrace herbs. We are one of the leading bulgarian companies in this sector.

Our central office is based in the city of Plovdiv. The company possesses its own factories in village Katunitsa, village Sokolitsa, village Banya and the city of Tvarditsa with total area over 4000 square meters and land – around 300 ha where we grow over 600 tons of cultivated herbs – melissa, chamomile, mint, hip, lavender. The landrace herbs such as lime, blackberry, nettle, hip, elder etc. are gathered from regions such as Old Mountain (Stara Planina), Middle Forest (Sredna gora), Pirin Mountains, Rhodope Mountains and Dobrudzha.

We are in possession of the needed modern equipment for cutting, refinement, dedusting and druing of herbs. Our providers from all over the country are proven over the many years of mutual work and are professionals with clearly expressed criteria for quality and loyalty.

The company is certified from ‘Intertek’ and maintains an integrated system of management by ISO 9001:2000 and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.

Our partners are companies from the EU which are approved worldwide liders in the manufacture of tea, spices, pharmaceutical products and natural herb extracts.

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